Friday 10 July 2015

Why do we cheat ?

A hungry man is deprived of food and water.
He is ill but do not have any money left on him.
He walks into a convenience store and stole a bottle of water, a bread and a box of paracetamol.
Was he wrong to steal? The answer is straightforward. Yes.
But do we see the reason behind it? He was hungry and ill. He needed food and medication.
These were basics he was deprived of. When pushed to the brim, he does wrong just so to satisfy such needs.
How wrong was he?

Similarly, in a relationship,  there are basic needs to be satisfied. It all boils down to one word which is Love. It is all about someone caring for you, asking about your day, leaning in close to protect you from any visible or potential danger, What is only sweeter than how 2 persons are already in love, affections comes in next in line like adding caramel to your honeycomb. Morning and night texts, cooking together, poking fun at each other, cuddling under the sheets at 2am to watch your favourite movie, simple hugs before setting off to work and of course times where occasional flowers appear before your doorstep with a card that reads our 3 favourite words, "I love you".

When all these needs are not met but yet you do not leave. You remain in such a predicament just because of the familiarity. As humans, we are all afraid of the unknown. We do not take steps into roads that are dark and misty, unclear with unexpected outcomes. We are afraid. We are afraid of regrets. We are afraid we can no longer find someone else. We are afraid of being alone. It is this fear that surrounds us that lead to certain choices we do not want.

Being in a relationship and ultimately choosing to get married is a long term commitment. Both parties have their individual responsibility to keep this relationship going. Either one to give it up or tear it down would cause the entire relationship to die off in a cruel, slow death. As much as we need to give and take, a loopsided scale that keeps piling on one side would eventually break anyway. If you were to keep giving and your partner were to keep pushing that limit, one day you would grow tired and start to drift off from this unbalanced scale as it gets too heavy on the heart, on the soul, in your life.

At this point where all is low and the world seems to be going against you, someone appears, doing everything you have ever longed for. Doing things you longed for to be present in your partner in the first place. How tough is it not to pour your heartfelt feelings out and cry on this shoulder in front of you every time you need it. How tough is it to reject unconditional care and concern. When you get porridge at your doorstep because you are ill and have absolutely no appetite for anything else you would rather not eat. How tough is it to reject a simple gesture such as having a jacket thrown over your shoulders because you are cold. How tough is it to reject just having someone beside you, listening to your woes,watching you silently, saying absolutely nothing except to clean your tears as you rant and cry.
You would never understand how tough it is until you have seen yourself in the exact same situation. You will never point your finger at another person before understanding the entire situation.

Every situation in every relationship is different. We should never judge when we do not know the entire story.

I believe that other than black and white, there is grey too.

Monday 14 July 2014

Darius went to Polliwogs.

Some weekends ago, we were invited by Huggies to join them at Polliwogs Vivocity where there were food, mini photobooth and talks about the new Huggies diaper pants. Then Darius got to play at Polliwogs children's playground for abit. 

So I brought him down to Vivocity on this Saturday morning. The mall was still empty as we made our way there. (Have not been out for this early for quite awhile now). The we headed straight to Polliwogs!

Upon arrival, I was given this goodie bag that included more free samples from Huggies and more Huggies wet wipes! =D
Also he then changed into this Huggies tee which was so long it looked like a dress. Hehehe. 
Kpo boy doing his usual thing, being kpo (:

After the talk about the newly launched Huggies Ultra Pants, food was provided and there was this mini photoshoot session! It is simply too adorable looking at all the different babies trying to get themselves in position and their parents together with the photographer doing all sorts of nonsense just to get the babies attention. Nevertheless, when it was Darius's turn, I too had to try to do all sorts of funny things for a few simple shots. -.- 

Tadaaa!!! Hahahaha I know right his face just like, -.-
I just dont understand why his face always so sad when taking photos.
Act emo lor. 

After the photoshoot, we went on to the actual playing in the indoor playground! I think it was the best moment for him as that meant he would have never-ending hours of fun and play!
And as seen how engrossed he was there. 
Trying to keep balance ~

This gears and wheels thing surprisingly caught his attention and he spent a damn good amount of time at it. Just scrolling, turning and moving the gears. Perhaps in the future he wants to be an engineer (:

One of his favourite pastime: soaking in the balls pool.
Look at him move around in his Huggies Ultra Pants. He just enjoys himself with absolutely no worries about being uncomfortably wet, having diaper rash or having an uncomfortable diaper around his waist. He moves so freely and plays like there was no tomorrow. And trust me, when you have a happy baby, you're a damn happy mummy. 

Long lost friend ~ #usedtobeprettycloseinsecondayschoolbutallgotbusywithownlives 
PREADYYYYYY ! Was great seeing her after sucha long while.
She looks like she is attempting to kidnap Darius by looking angelic. Heh. heh. heh. 
And of course, let us take a selfie!
After 2 hrs of running, carrying, playing, feeding, changing him, my morning was pretty much baked given I had no more than 4hours of sleep the day before. GAHH.
And to end off, how about some tired faces?
Maximum sadness face while take pics again.

"I feel that the Huggies Ultra Pants are extremely easy to put on and remove. With removable sides, taking off the diaper is too easy. It is also very comfortably fitting and fits Darius just nice. It feels like he has a second skin on him. By the way, it is also extremely absorbent!!! Being out the whole day I only managed to change him in the evening, given so, his diapers were still in place." 
*feeling amazed*

Dear mummies, do click on this link to get your free Huggies samples now!
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Monday 7 July 2014

Rojak Post of 101 places; 101 foodie; 101 selfies; 101 girlfriends

My last post was 2 months ago one day before my birthday. Thus I shall try to recall whatever I can. Most of it will just be pictures and pictures and a food journey of all my happy food. 

My birthday outfit and bday selfies.
Celebrated this years birthday at Sonar. Gosh was it bad. However! I survived and managed to walk out of Sonar without having to stagger to the sides of the pavement or fall off the escalator of Sonar. ((:
Love all the girls that were present and all the post alcohol photos were too hideous to be posted thus we shall leave it at that. 

The next day is my actual day on the 30th! Went of a simple staycation at Sheraton Towers Singapore.

Went swimming, sauna, dinner and drinks. Sometimes it really quite fresh staying somewhere new. (:

We be swimming, swimming, swimming ~

Outing #2 : Date with Mandyysl 
We met for brunch at Arbite Cafe at Serangoon Garderns. 

Yummm (:
After brunch we decided to do some baking. (Something healthy for once). Thus we went to get our baking supplies and ingredients and headed off to Mandy's place and begun our cupcakes. 
Otw to Tiong Bahruuuu.
Played with her precious Cookie who did not fail to try to hump me every hour.
But I think he likes me (=
We ended the day by going tooooooooooooo . . .Sonar. lol. Where else right. -.-

Outing #3: Allurez x Sonar night
Straightforward: Went to Allurez- drink. Went to Sonar- drank 
Seldom have time to go out with my beloved Gwen .
Happy night although I hate siam tius =)

Outing #4 : Family day =)
Brought my little love out to the IT show some weekends ago so long I forgot. 

My ever so precious, the most precious boy I spoil too much.
But what can I do when he is my one and only little love.

Outing #5: Bringing Teddy the Pom to the vet 
Brought Teddy to the vet! Teddy boy the most manja dog in the world. I wanna dog-nap him home. =(
Brunch on a Sunday at Bishan .
Selfies with my manja boy. 

Outing #6: Darius meets his cousin after a long time!
He doesnt really know how to play with each other just yet I guess they are both still too young.
A few more years, just a few more years... I sense a storm.

Outing #7: Date night with Suhailah for the longest time!
Met the only favourite Malay girl after 100000years. Went to Haji lane / Arab street for dinner and stroll. Talked about all the things we missed out and continued all the nonsense we used to joke about. 
Croissant is love 
Outing #8: Weekends are family days 
Brought the little love out for dinner and Ding tai fung. This fussy, normal noodles dont wanna take, normal rice dont wanna take, but keeps asking for Ding tai fung's la mian with their chicken soup. Warlao this boy. Not even 2 years old his taste already so prestige.   
He was tired but kept wanting to play. So I brought him to the room and laid him down. After he calmed down, snuggled up to me, hugged me and slept. Warmest love one can ever experience.


Lastly, all the food I ate from everywhere and everywhere~~~

 Wild Honey at Scotts Square // $30 meal from Food Republic // Sakae // Swee Choon Dim Sum
Hippo Restaurant 

I took 4 days to do up this post. LOL. #notmeanttobeablogger #bloggingistiring 


Monday 28 April 2014

29th April 2014

Its 12 hours before I officially turn 24. *le sigh* I feel too old. I am going mid-20s, achieved basically nothing in life except for an extraordinary set of skills on makeup application and skincare routines.

Pictures today are going to be super random because I finally transferred photos from my old IPhone over to the com and yep here it goes ~
Nude make days

Hello I am 24 :(
Nude makeup looks ~

Darius the love of my life! Le love came over and we brought him out one weekend. D enjoys outing and always when he sees my mum or I change out he would say "gai gai" and get super happy. He love car rides and love watching the world, all so new to him.

Enjoying his car ride. 

I love him so muchhhhhh *watery eyes*

Some throwback images with the party people !

With the one and always love

Number 0.5  x  Xiaolanjie

Finally I have something decent to blog about! Last week met up with the Gwen! Like finally! Had Kenny Rogers for dinner, talked about shit, laughed about it, discussed how to to look prettier, how to get richer and many more dream talks. We then headed to Starbucks while she waited with me for the Xiaolanjie above to reach before we then headed for Sonar. *Much loves* Seeing her later again for my bday celebration. 
This is my Gwen !!

Lastly, to end off, I really hope I can walk out of Sonar alive today ='( I really dont want to get carried out like a corpse and throw my face to the unforgiving cold grounds of Sonar.
OK THATS ALL FOLKS, #butfirstletmetakeaselfie !
Chasing dreams, huge ambitions.
One year after another, no time to lose

Wednesday 9 April 2014


First and foremost, if you are just too lazy to read all the nonsense I've written and just want your FREE HUGGIES samples,
Click on the link below!

Today is gonna be a post on my darling Darius’ new diapers! Diapers have become one of the top things on my list when I go grocery shopping because Darius uses at least 2 everyday! So you can imagine that I have tried quite a few in search of a good one that is value for money but also comfortable for baby Darius.

Sometimes his diapers are just damn annoying~ It leaks, it’s too tight when he sits up till all his baby meat are bulging out but when he starts walking it’s actually quite loose. Also, sometimes after playing and crawling around, all these small furry little strands start falling from his diapers. *Diaper brands shall be kept confidential* But recently, I was really happy to receive the new Huggies Ultra Pants for Darius! New in the market, Huggies claims this to be the BEST out of all their diapers and pants. It takes quite a bit for a company to claim something so I was interested to try it and see how it fared!

So introducing the all new HUGGIES ULTRA PANTS!
"Hey my new Huggies Ultra Pants! Come lets go change into it now!"
*attempts to push whole packet into the room*

"Hmmmmmmmmm. I dont know, quick tell me why"

1. Easy put on and take off
HUGGIES Ultra Pants can be put on easily like pants and are easy to take with its adjustable side straps. Because the sides can be detached like a diaper, if he made a really big poop, at least I won’t need to drag it down his legs when pulling out the pants! I’ve always wondered about that when I look at the various pull-up pants in the grocery stores. I guess I was not the only one wondering about that!

2. Allows easy movement
The pants has a stretchy waistband and is surprisingly very slim. This gives Darius a very good fit! I’ve encountered some diapers which are like pillows on his butt and though that sounds comfortable, it can get very in the way of things and impair his movement sometimes! Now he can crawl and walk around with much ease.

 3. Very absorbent!
So as mummies, we all buy diapers for the main reason of absorbing all forms of…excretion that comes out. However, some diapers I’ve tried have not lived up to its main purpose and I end up having to change Darius’ diapers frequently throughout the day. The Huggies Pants boasts a new slim absorbent core technology and it really does work! Now I can sleep through the night and not have to worry about waking up to change Darius’ diapers at odd hours in the morning! A dry baby is a happy baby (and a happy mummy)!

4. Wetness indicator
I thought this was pretty interesting. As a new mummy, initially it was hard to gauge when to change his diapers. I used to be a little ‘kiasu’ and ended up changing after every pee (last time ah…not anymore). This diapers actually has a wetness indicator so you know now exactly when to change your little one's diapers! (See picture above). How it works is it starts off yellow (dry) and turns blue when wet. I wonder why this couldn’t have come out earlier for me.:(

Well there’s a few more things which probably made this new Huggies Ultra Pants the best one in the history of Huggies but the above stated points do it for both me and Darius!
Have you gotten yours yet ? No? 
Just click on the link below for your FREE sample now!

This is the sizing guide for your information for better selection.

Thank you Huggies!